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001-006: Lady Gaga
007-018: Doctor Who
019-024: Star Trek TOS (including that picture of everyone in a rock band)
025-042: Random Stock/Photography

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17 April 2010 @ 17:18
Perhaps an introduction would be a good idea at this time. Hi, I'm Anna.

I'm not completely new to lj - I did have one once upon a time (circa 2007), but I drifted away ... K/S lured me back. I'm first and foremost here for the fanfiction, and I'm hoping that having a public face will make me feel guilty if I don't write.

I've just finished my outline for a long movie-era fic, and my plan is to have it done in time for Christmas, as that's when the story ends. I haven't attempted anything this ambitious before, and I do have a heavy study load this year; so if I can't manage it in time, I'll move on to the sequel and post the first installment the following Christmas. There are a few other ideas for shorter pieces floating around in my head too, so I'll try to get those down on paper as well.

I also like making icons. I have so many gorgeous pictures saved ... might as well put them to use. I don't foresee making graphics often enough to justify going to the trouble of making a separate journal for them (yeah, I'm lazy), so they'll be here too. And I might post some thoughts about fandom and writing, and occasional real life stuff - very occasional, that is.

If we share some interests or you like anything here, you're welcome to add me. :)